My passion is to facilitate the development of myself, other people, teams and organizations. I quickly understand and can make sense of complex situations.  By combining energy we'll find creative win-win solutions, that everyone loves to contribute to.  Once you've experienced a flow experience you will always feel the desier to continue this. I connect to this yearning in order to support sustainable development processes.

I have a masters in organizational sociology.
I Simultaneously completed several trainingcourses for personal growth trainers. The workshop 'life, death and the transition' from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was one of them. Later I enriched my professional education with a Human Resource Management program. Recently I completed the Certification - Program for The Work of Byron Katie. In this moment I'm just finished with Emotional Freedom Techniques level 1 + 2.

In 1988, Yessence training & advice came into being. My tasks have been those of a researcher, consultant for organizational development processes, trainer, coach and interim Human Resource Manager and Development Manager.
Previously I worked for 8 years as a team- and management trainer at a training institute.
I have also worked for 6 years as a trainer of social skills at a university.

I love nature and like to walk long distances in silence. With my husband, who is a biologist, I watch (predatory) birds and rare plants. Plus I grow my own vegetables in the garden at our farmhouse.
I also dedicate my spare time to the renovation of our former farmhouse.
I have self-published two books: Every problem hides a gift in 1993 and the Flow Spiral in 2013. For more information of these, see elsewhere on this website. The latetst book 'Dreaminquiry with The Work of Byron Katie' will arrive soon.

I was born in 1954, in the small village Lieshout, in the neighborhood of Eindhoven. My father was a Philips employee, my mother a housewife.
My parents named me Monique van der Spek.
I am the eldest daughter in a family of two children: me and my younger brother.
In 1983 I married Gijs Dankers and we have two daughters in '83 and '85. Being a mother I continued to work professionally. This was not always easy for me.

I also wrote a number of books for publishers:
Communication and teamwork in the learning organization (Nelissen / Boom 2000);
The three-part series Study Path Development:
1. Building vocational skills,
2. Preparation for internship
3. Until graduation (Pearson 2006-2008). The first part of this series has been translated into English.
And finally Cooperation in Organizations was published(Uitgeverij Boom in '10).