In the past, people embarked on a pilgrimage to contemplate a higher truth, God, or life; to come to their senses, gain inspiration, or simply to experience the silent wisdom of the natural world. A pilgrimage is the perfect opportunity to create space apart from life's hectic activities.

Pelgrimage with The Work
Liberate yourself of thoughts that imprison you. In spring 2018 another pelgrimage with The Work van Byron Katie will take place.
This is an event to discover, deepen and most of all live "The Work" of Byron Katie together and share this incredible awakening tool.

The journey
We walk four days in the the surprising hedgerow landscape, the famous estates from Vorden, the diversified forests and heather fields, or in the lovely valley of the river Berkel.

€250,- Lodging in the farmhouse or camping on the farmyard is included. We cook or order our meals: costs will be about €100,-

You can get more information or register by sending an email to Monique. There is room in the farmhouse for up to 6 participants.