Flow spiral


This book The Flow Spiral describes my discovery of personal, team and organizational-development. I wrote it in Dutch and I'm looking for someone who can translate it (or improve my own translation) in exchange for a portion of the sale proceeds.

Because of my bad experiences in group dynamic experiments, I started in 1975 on my quest for a positive, solution focused approach for group dynamics. During a long journey I discovered step by step how we can make a better use of the need for development that exists in natural systems.
The Flow Spiral shows us the conditions for this ‘spontaneous process of self organization’. Being aware you can consciously take care of it. Then your team will behave like a natural system.
To my own surprise, these principles also appeared to describe the conditions for our own personal growth. That makes the Flow Spiral a model that also clarifies by what conditions our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development naturally succeed one another.
The Flow Spiral is useful on three levels: for team development, organizational development (for an organization is a team of teams), and additionally for personal development. The model also shows the relationship between these three development processes. In organizations often a phase difference exists creating some problems. In that case the Flow Spiral can help you to avoid resistance to change.

Initially, most people are often not looking for development. We just want to be happy and we accidentally learn by our efforts to create that happiness. Only after some time we get real pleasure in the personal growth process itself. Where Maslow ceases, the quest for flow, is where this book begins..

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I'm available to coach you when you start practicing new insights from the Flow Spiral.