Why are we in this world (part 1)?

Has it ever seemed like everything has turned against you? Your life is not how you want it to be, not even close. From all angles, it looks like a problem! And you wonder: "If this is what life comes to, what is the point? " You may doubt if life is worth living and, at least in this moment, if you want to be here on earth at all. An answer seems painfully far away.

For me, an answer to this central question only comes when I’m not asking it. Instead, I choose to just enjoy myself. I love the sun, my friends, my house that I painted, the nice dinner I just prepared. I am happy about a challenge at work that I brought to a successful ending... I’m not looking for the meaning of this earthly existence. I’m simply enjoying it and that is the answer to the purpose of living. It is important to know, so I'm careful to not overlook this discovery. There may come a new situation where I need to ask the question again.

For many years, I've been engaged in solving human problems, my own problems and those that others have shared with me through their work or personal questions. As a result of forty years of this, it is my conviction that we are in this world to enjoy life. If I am happy, this is enough; I don’t need more reasons. I don’t ask myself questions about the meaning of existence.
But if, somehow, I find I am unable to be truly happy, another reason for being here on earth emerges: to learn from my problems, to improve myself so I can enjoy my life even more. Problems arise to show me how I can enjoy life more than I ever thought possible. This is the great gift of problems.
Happiness is our birthright. I use it. When I have problems, then of course that's a challenge. But if I overcome those problems, I come to see that I had been accepting an insufficient level of joy. An unfortunate start in youth can actually give a person a big edge in life, if he or she is able to overcome those problems. If life starts free of problems, it may be relatively more enjoyable in those years than for people facing hardship. But, without hardship, we won’t learn how to improve life. We wouldn’t even know the levels of joy that we are missing.....
Every problem hides a gift. Problems are opportunities to irrevocably improve the quality of our lives. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

The Work of Byron Katie is the management tool I use to help myself and others make a shift from fearful thinking into the deeper wisdom of our intuition. In 'Why are we in this world' (part 2) you will find an exampe based on this blog.