It was on a splendid sunny day, that the stream taught me how to trust my intuition to get away from a stressful situation at work. Listening to the rippling water, I could relax and breathing better was helpful to unblock my intuitive and more creative mind.
I felt terrible at work and under pressure, believing I needed to do more than I could. I was so unhappy in - what felt for me as a threatening heavy atmosphere - that I tried to escape from my worries. There along the riverside I had freed myself for a moment from defeatism.
And then suddenly, because I was not desperately trying to find a solution, the solutions appeared to find me! Just as this happened with the famous Archimedes when he took his bath and stopped worrying about the king’s question: eureka!

In those days I worked as a lecturer in social and communication skills when the university management started to control the work processes by bookkeeping teacher hours. They used fixed standards for specific tasks, hoping that would stimulate us to be more efficient. For example, they assigned 15 minutes for an average coaching conversation with a student or 10 minutes to assess their report. I felt very stressed by this management tool and my first reactions were motivated by fear. For instance: the bookkeeping system of teacher hours was concerned to one study year only. There was no time planned to spend for a follow up in the next year and therefore I decided to ignore when students would not have been finished with my part of the curriculum. In this way I wanted to protect myself for becoming overwrought. Fear creates scarcity thinking.

The creative insights to be really more effective at work, I got during my get away from the university environment. Walking along the watercourse, I focused on the beautiful reflection in the water and forgot my worries. In that spacious emptiness of the moment, new images came into my mind of a different way of practicing my profession. I saw clearly the purpose of being a lecturer was not to safe time for the management, but to focus my energy optimal on students and their learning process. It could only be more efficient to reduce instead of to increase my overhead by bookkeeping average minutes for specific tasks.
And I decided to take the risk to fully cooperate with my students. To trust the inner wisdom of my students what they themselves thought they needed to become what they are intended to be. Within my mandate as a lecturer I treated the students as my fellow workers, being the specialists in their own personal development in relationship to their future profession.
We changed roles: the students organized trainings for each other for whatever competence they wanted to improve. And on demand I was available for support. Students did what they did because they really wanted to do it. So I automatically saved the time I needed in the old setting for control and time for a follow up in a next study year was no longer needed. Love creates abundance.
I constructed concrete and specific checklists for all relevant vocational competences and the students assessed themselves. That was both more challenging and instructive for them and less time consuming for me. The scanty 10 minutes contributed by the management were indeed enough to have a look at their self judgment of a report. More experienced students coached inexperienced ones improving their coaching skills and both of them handed me over the prove of what they gained. And so on.

Two years after I stopped controlling students, I was fully focused on supporting them by their internal longing for personal development in the professional context. And they easily accepted the requirements I had to fulfill and were willing to meet them also.
Except that this approach was exciting for all of us: the rate for student progress in credits related to the time spend by me as their teacher, changed dramatically in a positive direction. When I looked back after two years I almost had created the results 3 teachers were supposed to do. Not by working harder but by working clearer and dearer. The mind is smart and wants to control but in the heart is dearness, deeper wisdom and a wish to connect. The work of the other 2 teachers was done by the students themselves and empowered them!

The Work of Byron Katie is the management tool I use to help myself and others make a shift from fearful thinking into the deeper wisdom of our intuition. In ''How to get away from a limiting mindset…? (part 2) you will find an exampel based on this blog.